Individual Health Insurance

It’s up to you to decide what affordable individual or family medical insurance is right for your budget. Our associates will consult with you to determine what fits your individual needs, and offer health insurance options designed specifically for your situation. We offer a variety of products priced to help solve your problems, whether you recently lost your job and are looking for temporary health insurance that’s less expensive than COBRA insurance, or are looking to get affordable health coverage for the entire family.

Long-Term Care

There is a greater possibility that you may one day require care in your own home, or in a nursing home or other facility. Long-term care insurance may provide care options that are not otherwise feasible, given your particular financial situation.

Individual Disability Planning

If you lost your ability to work and make a living, it could create serious financial difficulties for you and your family. Disability insurance can provide the money your family needs if you are unable to work. We can help you select the most cost efficient income replacement programs.

For additional information about how we can assist you with your benefits, please contact Jeff Lewis at 602-263-0777 or Request a Quote.