Franklin Templeton Corp

I became acquainted with Jeff Lewis over 30 years ago when he was the sole insurance advisor and agent for a California real estate investment company. I was immediately impressed with his honesty, knowledge and attention to detail in not only obtaining property insurance coverage, but also in the general insurance market information and advice he regularly provided. When Jeff relocated to Phoenix and acquired his agency, I moved the company’s entire business portfolio to stay with him and I have never regretted my decision. In fact, Jeff and his team now handle all my family’s personal insurance requirements. Jeff’s team of Shannen, John, Lanee and Carol have been ideal for me to work with. Each of them is very responsive and professional in addressing any issues that I have. It is easy to see why Jeff’s agency is thriving and I can without any reservation recommend Jeff and his team.

~Michael J McCulloch, Senior Vice President, Director of General Services