Bert Bloom

There is so much good to be said about Carol,  I can’t thank her enough!

When I returned to live in Arizona, back in 1988, Carol was working for the Insurance Agency I started using.  I have known Carol for 25+ years.  She has helped me numerous times with Insurance questions and issues for home and auto coverage and claims, from auto wrecks to home roofs/water damage repairs.  She knows how to connect me to what I need.   I trust her and depend on her knowledge, suggestions, marketing skills and expertise.  I am truly lost without her help.  For the past two years, I have missed having Carol as a sure footed Agent and her friendly caring ways.  Carol is a Rare Gem!  I’m so happy to have her again, as my agent.  My life is less stressful knowing that she is there for me, wants to help me, and will do the very best there is for me!